Support Independent Music - Friday June 5 Bandcamp Supports Artist during the COVID-19 Pandemic

WHFR's mission is to play local, independent and music little heard elsewhere on the radio dial. COVID-19 has had a great effect on the musicians just like it has had a great effect on our WHFR broadcasts. While WHFR is not producing local programming, we will keep you posted when HFC will let our DJs back on-the-air, we want to continue to support the musicians we play and fit our mission. Bandcamp is a website that many musicians use to let people stream music, download, and even purchase physical copies of their music. Bandcamp has set up the first Fridays of the month by waiving all of their fees and having all the purchases going to the artist and/or labels. The next Bandcamp fee free day is FRIDAY JUNE 5. Then they will have it again on Friday July 3rd. You can find many of the local and independent artist we play on WHFR via Bandcamp and even WHFR has our Motor City Gems release available on Bandcamp for purchase. After the page break are links to the Support Artists Bandcamp article and a link to our Motor City Gems release.

Link to Support Artist due to COVID-19 article:

Bandcamp website:

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