5-22-18, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum – IMPACT

Listen to IMPACT and revisit with Christina Sheppard-Decius as she talks about how WDDDA is working with businesses and others to enhance the West Downtown area presence. In February 2018 in Crain’s magazine, Executive director of West Dearborn Downtown Development Authority shared that “A lot of developers are really responding to the fact that (Downtown Dearborn) will have a different mix of people in downtown . . . and a marketplace that we (are) addressing.' Groundbreaking on Ford Wagner Place Project was held in May 2018. Decius shared in February that “. . What WDDDA are . . .seeing is that . . . definitely businesses . . . are showing interest. . . Those that are interested in Wagner Place themselves, and those that are interested in downtown because of Wagner Place."