Artist Spotlight Week at WHFR starting Sunday Sept 9

It is that time of year when WHFR likes to have all the DJs spotlight a particular artist or artists on their and this year ARTIST SPOTLIGHT WEEK is Sunday September 9 - Saturday September 15. This week each DJ will devote an entire show to a specific artist or spotlight a different artist each hour. Here is an idea of some of the artists being featured this week: Artist Spotlight Week will kick off with Roy "Little Jazz" Eldridge featured on the PLAY IT BY EAR show hosted by Terence now on Sunday mornings from 10am - 1pm. WHFR Program Director and Host of GO WITH THE FLOW Mike Holloway will be featuring the work of late great local blues artist Johnnie Bassett Tuesday from 4 - 6pm. Former PD and NICE AND EASY host Dan will be featuring "Ol' Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra on Wednesday from 2 - 4pm. On Saturday, Stone Perkins of 5IVE GEARS IN REVERSE is featuring Elvis Costello. Check back here and on our Facebook page for updates on your favorite shows featured artist(s) during ARTIST SPOTLIGHT WEEK!

For a link to our Facebook page just click on the Facebook logo to the right of the page. Or just keep checking the WHFR.FM home page for updated stories about ARTIST SPOTLIGHT WEEK.