WHFR Radio and Tom Wilson host of "Space is the Place" (Fridays, 6-8pm) are PROUD to bring you a special 6 HOUR broadcast-birthday tribute in honor of the late Dr. Robert Moog (May 23, 1934-August 21, 2005). Moog was an electronic music pioneer and inventor of synthesizers that changed the course of popular music. This special event will be broadcast live as part of the "Space is the Place" program FRI. MAY 21, FROM 6PM-12 MIDNIGHT. Tom will be playing Moog standards ie. "Switched on Bach",(Wendy Carlos), also RARE Moog treats by Gershon Kingsley, Larry Taylor, Tomita,"The Electronic Spirit Of Eric Satie, performed on the Moog" and many other great Moog players like Sun-Ra and Kieth Emmerson. The London Times has stated that "Moog is without question, the Godfather of synth...He is as influential as a Presley,a Pistols or a Beatles." Filmmaker magaizine calls Moog, "The father of all things electronica". Although Dr. Moog is no longer with us his vision and musical legacy still thrive in the form of Moog Music & The Bob Moog Foundation as well as in the hearts and minds of millions of musicians and admirers. SO DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS RARE LISTENING OPPORTUNITY AS WE AT THE STATION "MAKING WAVES" PAY TRIBUTE TO THE MAN,THE GENIUS, THE LEGEND... BOB MOOG.