Riveting Interview with Kathy Gerus on "Metaphysically Speaking" Tuesday May 21st at 1 p.m.

"Metaphysically Speaking" takes on a holistic bent tis month. Be sure to join host Mike Holloway and his special guest, HIV / AIDS Educator and Activist, Kathy Gerus as she talks about her struggles as a HIV survivor and her organization, Stitches Woman's Initiatives, which deals with women's health and safety issues.

Monday FORUM, 5-20-13, 6-7 PM: Philosophy Talk & a TED Talk

Ready to listen to important thoughts? This week's choices for maintaining an active mind are: "The Demands of Morality," hosted by two philosophy professors at Stanford U., and "3 Rules to Spark Learning," by Ramsey Musallem--from another TED (Technology-Education-Design) Conference with cutting edge ideas. This hour is, itself, a podcast on this website to listen to anytime after our broadcast, so NO excuses to not THINK; click on Talk Shows--Monday Forum--(select date).

WHFR Journal, May 17, 1-2 PM: Kristyn Taylor, Candidate for Dearborn City Council

One segment on the show today begins our series of interviews--to continue in upcoming shows--with the challengers to be on the ballot for Dearborn City Council in the August 6 primary election . Kristyn Taylor will be responding to our questions and giving her opinions--and asking for your vote.

Tune in to "Space is the Place" for a special Soft Machine recording Friday 5/17, 6 - 8 p.m.

Join host Tom Wilson as he presents a special live recording of one of the greatest avant jazz/rock bands ever - Soft Machine. This music was recorded 40 years ago, May 17th, 1973, in Germany. The great significance of this recording is the excellent sound quality. In addition, it features Gary Boyle on guitar and Art Themen on sax, both of whom help to make this a unique - yet, short lived - version of the band. Two pioneers of avant garde music and long time friends, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp will be showcased as well. Both gentlemen celebrate birthdays this week.

"5th Semi-Annual Hall of Fame Show" as "Theme Attic" moves to Wednesday mornings from 10AM-Noon!

"Theme Attic," the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about selected subjects, settles into Wednesday mornings by featuring a "best of the best" "Theme Attic Hall of Fame Show!" There won't be a need for any other themes, but it's likely that a couple of minor ones will take form. Join host DJ Phil Maq on Wednesday, May 15, at 10:00AM for his clever and unusual takes on music!

Tuesday FORUM, 5-14-13, 1-2 PM: Sierra Club Radio, Planetary Radio, & a TED Talk

SPECIAL recent podcasts from the internet: the latest news and information from Sierra Club and The Planetary Society, plus a TED Talk by David Pogue, New York Times technology writer, telling us "Ten Time-Saving Ways to Use Technology." (Note: locally produced 'Dearborn Heights News & Views' is expected to return next month on the second Tuesday.)

Monday FORUM, 5-13-13, 6-7 PM: Skepticality & TED Talk

Skepticality #207--the Official Podcast of Skeptic Magazine and the Skeptic Society--features an interview with Michael Moffitt, one of the co-creators and producers of ASAP Science. Scientific laws, concepts, and theories can be difficult to understand, but thanks to the duo at ASAP Science, you can watch short, bite-sized videos on YouTube and learn some pretty cool facts. Our TED Talk this week is by Geoffrey Canada: "Our failing schools; enough is enough!" You can listen to this show anytime after broadcast as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows-Monday Forum-(select date).

Take the "Escalator Over The Hill" on Space is the Place Friday May 10th 6 - 8 PM

Join host Tom Wilson as he brings to the airwaves the Epic 1971 jazz opera, "Escalator Over The Hill" by jazz composer / bandleader Carla Bley who turns 77 years of age this Saturday May 11th. This recording was originally referred to as "Chronotransduction" by Carla Bley & Paul Haimes. This amazing performance features a stellar line-up that includes Jack Bruce, John McGlaughlin, Don Cherry and Leroy Jenkins. Linda Rondstandt and Detroits own Shelia Jordan do the vocals. This is a must listen! Be sure to to tune in from 6 - 8 on Friday...where "we'll meet you on the other side of the hill!"

"Songs About Spring, Mothers, and Moving" on "Theme Attic," Thursday, May 9, 10AM-Noon!

The month of May continues at a hectic pace. Spring is in full bloom and Mother's Day arrives this Sunday, so "Theme Attic," the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about selected subjects, will play sets relating to both topics. Since "Theme Attic" is also moving to Wednesdays, (but also at 10AM starting next week), it only seems appropriate to play some tunes about moving. Join host DJ Phil Maq on Thursday, May 9, at 10:00AM for his clever and unusual takes on music!

Tuesday FORUM, 5-7-13, 1-2 PM: We Are Not Alone

Missouri MUFON’s State Director, Debbie Ziegelmeyer will be our guest. Among the many attributes in her resume, Debbie serves on MUFON’s Board of Directors, as well as being a MUFON “Star Team” Investigator and State Coordinator. As the Co-Founder of MUFON’s “Dive Team”, she deals with Underwater UFO Search and Recovery, and she was a Volunteer archeologist on SCI-FI’s “Roswell Crash: Starling New Evidence” in September of 2002 as well as on NBC’s SCI-FI Investigates, “Roswell Re-visited” in June of 2006. Miss the live broadcast?

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