Thornetta Davis Phone Interview on March 17th during Highway-61

WHFR 3pm(EDT) Highway-61
Phone Interview with Thornetta Davis

Please tune in 89.3FM, [ https://www.WHFR.FM/streamer/ ]
Friday 3pm(EDT) for a very special live-on-air phone call to #whfrfmradio from
Thornetta Davis, "Detroit’s Queen of The Blues" ~during the Highway-61
Blues program (Fri., 2pm until 4pm).
Thornetta Davis will be opening this Saturday evening's concert on,
March 18th, at 7:30pm in the Michael A. Guido Dearborn Theater at the
Ford Community and Performing Arts Center for the "Dearborn Rotary 100th Anniversary Celebration,
THE TEMPTATIONS REVUE featuring the legacy of DENNIS EDWARDS and
Thornetta Davis". [ ]

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