Live Radio Vault Segment on Tuesday DEC 6th!

Two of the most esteemed OTR (old-time radio) people will be on WHFR's "RadioVault Special Edition" live segment at 11AM on Tuesday, December 6th... Ted Davenport and Terry Salomonson, hosted by yours truly The Keeper of the Archives.
Terry and I met more than 40 years ago when we discovered his family lived in the same town in Michigan as mine. Terry had a slideshow of one of the earliest Friends of OTR conventions in Bridgeport, CT. Joe Webb, Bob Burchett and I would meet for the first time at that convention in 1980.
Terry has authored numerous books and knows more about the Lone Ranger, Green Hornet and Detroit produced programming than almost anyone.
Ted (one of today's major sources for OTR in beautiful sound quality) and I do an OTR podcast. A third installment will be out soon.
The show airs/streams live on and 89.3FM from Henry Ford College in the Detroit area, Tuesdays 10AM - 1PM ET.
WHFR's Sunday Night Mysteries is a separate show that airs Sundays 9PM-12 Midnight.