Ms. Marjon Is Taking a Sabbatical from 'RNBSoul Groove Radio Show'

RNBSoul Groove Radio Show's last show before going on hiatus will be Saturday, May 28. I will be taking a much-needed sabbatical. In a few weeks, I will be having major surgery. I will be absent from the microphone, but my musical spirit and energy will still be in the studio. I will spend this time improving my music knowledge and cleaning up my music database. I want to read about and research new untapped R&B talent.

As I write this story, I cannot help to reflect on how music has been so soothing to my soul. I have been a DJ (on and off) at WHFR since 2016. I have changed my show names several times during my time at WHFR, but I have always played the same genre of music. My show is known for the rich sounds of R&B and Classic Soul music. I even try to mix in specific themes to spice up the show's flow. I have interviewed various influential people in the music industry during my time at WHFR.

Please don't fret; I will be back in the WHFR studio on July 23 at 1 PM. Be prepared to be entertained by a new and improved Ms. Marjon. I promise the show will be engaging and enlightening.

To all my fans, listeners, haters, and supporters…I love you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Ms. Marjon
R&B Soul Groove