Radio Vault Special Edition expands to 10AM-1:00PM Tuesdays!

You can now hang with us an extra hour as Radio Vault Special Edition expands to three jam-packed hours of "stuff" you can't hear anywhere else starting on September 28th. It's now on 10AM-1:00PM. This week we feature radio private eyes.
Johnny Dollar was an insurance investigator with an expense account. The show aired on the CBS Radio Network. It was the last network drama, along with Suspense, to air on network radio from the so-called golden era of broadcasting.
Beloved by collectors today, we have already presented random episodes of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.
Following a one-week hiatus, on Tuesday, 9/28/2021, we present several consecutive episodes of Johnny Dollar from the last year it was on the air (1962). It stars the former TV soap star from "The Edge of Night," Mandel Kramer in the title role.
As he says when he teases an upcoming episode, "Join us, won't you!"