On Tuesday, August 31, from 5-9pm EDT, the Spirits Rejoice Radio Program will celebrate Cooper-Moore's 75th birthday with four hours of his music.

Cooper-Moore (born Gene Ashton, August 31, 1946, in Loudon County, Virginia) is well known in the creative jazz world for his brilliant work on piano and the many instruments that he has hand built over the years. Collaborations with William Parker, David S. Ware, Susie Ibarra, Assif Tsahar, Hamid Drake and many others have propelled him to be one of the most creative and beloved artists of his genre.

As a youngster, Cooper-Moore became the go-to pianist in his hometown working in the church and community events before moving to Boston in 1967 where he met saxophonist David S. Ware and drummer Marc Edwards, forming the band Apogee. Apogee would record in 1977 on a record under the leadership of Ware, a recording on the Swiss Hat Hut label, "Birth of a Being." Settling in NYC in 1975, Cooper-Moore would go on to record playing piano as well as self made instruments such as didley-bow, ashimba, hand drums and wood flutes. Notable works include recordings with William Parker's In Order to Survive, a collaboration that has gone on from the early 90's to this date.

Tune in this Tuesday from 5-9pm EDT for the music of Cooper-Moore at 75 on these airwaves, WHFR 89.3fm and on the internet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER-MOORE!

Pat Frisco