WHFR Journal Black History Month Show THIS Friday, Feb. 19, 12pm - 2pm

Join us this Friday, Feb. 19 from 12 pm-2 pm for an expanded edition of the WHFR Journal as we celebrate Black History Month. We'll talk with Jarrod Benjamin, CEO and Founder of LEAD Firm Speaks, Consultant, and Facilitator about his HFC presentation from 2/3/21 called, "A Cautious Look at Canceling Culture" where he examines the five privileges - white privilege, religious privilege, gender privilege, heterosexual privilege, and socio-economic privilege and how to use privileges to make systems fairer for a justice culture. We'll then air that presentation in its entirety. After, we'll share a PRX show called "Experiencing the fight for freedom along the U.S. Civil Rights Trail" where Deborah Douglas, author of the Moon’s U.S. Civil Rights Trail guide, talks with World Footprints about the places, people, and events that were integral to the civil rights movement. We hope you'll join us for this powerful on-air event!