End of an Era: Mike D's Skrockin' Yer Butow Ends Sunday January 3rd after 30 years on the air!

This year marks Skrockin' Yer Butow's 30th year on the air, and today’s show will also be its final broadcast… the countdown just started at 6:00PM!

“DEATH TO SKROCKIN’ YER BUTOW” broadcasts 7:00-10:34pm in Dearborn/Detroit at 89.3FM on the radio dial, and to the rest of the world via our webzone: www.whfr.fm

If you plan on listening, I invite you to test WHFR’s streamer now, just to make sure it works.
In *theory* you should be able click the “Listen Live Now” button at https://whfr.fm and hear us on any computer or phone, but some devices require a bit more effort. If you try streaming and hear silence, try the “Click Here to Access Local Media Player Streams” link directly beneath the big buttons to access the older Media Player links.