WHFR is pleased to feature a new WHFR DJ Spotlight Series for our home page so our DJs can stay connected with you while we're temporarily away from the Studio A chair. You might find music reviews, suggestions for staying active, backstories about how we got into the radio business, and some nice comments to help us all stay connected. Enjoy!

The concept of RADIO VAULT on Tuesdays at 3:00 is not new. The whole approach, however, is somewhat unique. The current incarnation of the show began on WHFR about 3 years ago. Radio Vault is never scripted. The idea, however, is that it is a HOSTED show, meaning we don't just play the old recordings -- we TALK about them -- even if it's just to announce the original broadcast date. Radio Vault is also not a nostalgia show, per se, but we do respect the historical significance, all while using the latest digital technology to make the audio as clear as possible.

The idea of the "host" is that they are exactly like a regular music show DJ except the features are up to 30 minutes long rather than just short songs. Ocassionally there will even be an interview with someone who knows more about a certain series than we do.

As for the host Bob Burnham, dubbed by a former WHFR DJ as "the keeper of the archives", began his association with WHFR several years ago. He worked behind the scenes on some technical things with Jay Korinek, the station's Founder. "The keeper" actually began collecting the old shows as a teenager, which led to a career in broadcasting both at the mic and behind the mic. He continues to support WHFR and other area stations technically, while marketing old-time radio to a private mailing list. Most of the old shows aired on WHFR are specifically produced for the show.

Last year, we expanded old-time radio to Sunday nights. SUNDAY NIGHT MYSTERIES is hosted in the same spirit as Radio Vault.