07-02-19: 12 - 1 PM: Tuesday Forum. We Are Not Alone.

Executive Director of The Mutual UFO Network Mr. Jan Harzan will join host David Twichell on Tuesday, July 2. They will discuss MUFON’s 50th birthday and its upcoming Symposium in Irvine, California later this month. We’ll also discuss the latest revelation in Ufology which is the Pentagon’s admission that they have been studying UFOs ever since they denied studying UFOs. Join us on Tuesday, July 2 at 12 noon. Remember after the broadcast this show is available as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

“Disclosure is not an event, it’s a process. That process has begun.”
Luis Elizondo: To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, Former AATIP Director for USG Department of Defense