What's Happening In HFC's Culinary Arts? Chef Jeffrey Lau and Culinary Student Steve Dobkowski Let You Know Tuesday May 31 at 1pm on Foodies on the Fifth

Camp Henry gives students an opportunity to learn cooking and baking techniques. Hear all about the program from Chef Lau. We'll also talk about the International Luncheon Buffets offered by the 5101 Restaurant -- a wonderful way to conclude the school year. Steve Dobkowski brings us up to date on an exciting volunteer program which pairs culinary students and community projects. So tune in Tuesday May 31 at 1pm when Chef Lau and Steve join host Lynn for Foodies on the Fifth. Remember, Foodies on the Fifth airs the fifth Tuesday of the month right here on WHFR! if you miss the broadcast, you can always catch the podcast. Just go to whfr.fm Tuesday Talk.