Find Out How Helping Hands Food Pantry Works To Alleviate Hunger On The Next Edition of IMPACT! Tuesday, March 8 at 1pm

Helping Hands Food Pantry has been working to aid the hungry since the 1960s. Learn how the program has evolved and where it is going when Lynn speaks with Carolyn Van Den Bosch and Raymond Scoboria on the next edition of IMPACT!, Tuesday, March 8 at 1pm. According to Helping Hands, out of Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church, "Last year, we assisted 358 households; that was 830 adults and 444 children with 11,962 food items! This year, we hope to help even more people when things aren’t going well financially." That's IMPACT!, the show about individuals and groups making a positive difference in the community. Remember, if you miss the broadcast, you can always catch the podcast. Just go to Tuesday Talk on the WHFR.FM webpage.