IT Is Officially RADIOTHON 2014 now until Saturday April 12!

It is that time for our once a year over the air pledge drive: RADIOTHON 2014 (April 6-April 12). We will still have our normal shows but our DJs and WHFR Staff will be taking sometime throughout the week to ask you to help support our noncommercial educational radio station with a donation to our Radiothon. You can call in (313 845 9676) or you can simply fill out your information online by clicking on your "Radiothon 2014" button at the top of our website. This year were are asking everyone to "Get on Board" and make a donation to WHFR because we are in desperate need of two new broadcast consoles aka "boards". Replacing these broadcast boards will improve our overall sound quality and flow of our radio shows. These boards will cost about $10,000 to replace and we could really use your help. So consider pledging NOW to WHFR.

Keep listening to WHFR all week during Radiothon 2014. We have great pledge incentives (hats, stress relief globes, flash-drives, etc) plus incentives exclusive to specific shows. So make sure you tune in and donate to WHFR this week!