HALLOWEEN at WHFR: Trick or Treat Grab Bags, Jeecy and the Jungle on MOTOR, and DJ Named Slickback and gh0st on THE MIX

WHFR knows that kids of all ages love to celebrate HALLOWEEN (Thursday Oct, 31) and we have lots of great TREATS for all day. First, we have our annual WHFR TRICK OR TREAT GRAB BAG - call during one of our live shows 313-845-9676 option 1 and say "Trick or Treat" and we will send you one of our grab bags. OR you can email us - whfr@hfcc.edu - and include "Trick or Treat" in the subject line. Then, no trick, we have the final shows hosted by Margaret and Roger before they take an extended break from WHFR (and the metro-Detroit area...we will miss you!). Make sure you check out Margaret and Roger's shows: GO ROG, BLUESTIME, GLOBAL VILLAGE, and MOTOR. On MOTOR, check out the live performance by Jeecy and the Jungle at 5pm. Later on THE MIX with BAM, DJ Named Slickback and gh0st will be spinning live. So spend HALLOWEEN with WHFR all day and evening!

Make sure you tune in to WHFR all day on HALLOWEEN to hear a bunch a great music, say farewell to Margaret and Roger, and win a WHFR TRICK OR TREAT GRAB BAG!