Tuesday Forum, 10-1-13, 1-2 PM: We Are Not Alone

Butch Witkowski joins host David Twichell in this installment of We Are Not Alone. Mr. Witkowski has a background in law enforcement, mainly homicide. He is a Former Chief Investigator and State Section Director for MUFON of Pennsylvania. Today, he is Director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, a group of professionals who have organized to perform in-depth investigations of UFO and abduction phenomena including startling reports of human mutilations, which mirror the evidence found at the scenes of cattle mutilation. Butch has been interviewed on numerous documentaries and radio shows to include Art Bell’s Coast to Coast. Although “human mutilations” are rare, these grotesque events have been reported and documented around the world but have been strategically kept out of mainstream media. Warning: this episode is particularly frightening--just the thing as our Halloween offering! Podcast available anytime from this website after broadcast: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).