Celebrating Electronic Music Pioneers: Bebe Barron & Otto Luening on "Space is the Place" Friday 6/14 @ 6 p.m.

Be sure to listen to "Space is the Place" this Friday 6 - 8 p.m. as Host Tom Wilson presents the groundbreaking, entirely electronic score of the sci-fi film classic, "Forbidden Planet". This 1956 film inspired Gene Rodenberry to create "Star Trek". The music was composed by the electronic music pioneer husband and wife team of Louis & Bebe Barron (born: 6/16/25). The Barron's music - "Electronic Tonalities" - remains as riveting and inventive today as it did when it was first written and performed. Also being featured, will be the music of another electronic pioneer of sound, Otto Luening (born: 6/15/1900). Make waves in outer space on "Space is the Place" and WHFR.FM!