Listen to "Space Is The Place" Friday October 19th at 6pm for a special Sun Ra anniversary presentation.

Be sure to join Tom Wilson, host of "Space Is The Place", for a special 40th anniversary celebration of the release of Sun Ra's groundbreaking "Space Is The Place" album on the Impulse record label. Sun Ra was a prolific jazz composer, band leader, piano and synthesizer player in addition to his role as cosmic philosopher. Listen to this 1972 recording of Sun Ra's which features his ultimate space anthem and title track of the album, "Space Is The Place". This sprawling twenty one minute galactic big band romp and other songs combine many aspects of music including interlocking harmonies, african percussion and dreamy space voices. Sun Ra has influenced many musicians throughout the years, such as: The MC5, Sonic Youth, Primal Scream and many more. So, once again, listen to "Space Is The Place" Friday October 19th at 6pm for this very special, extraordinary presentation of the 40th anniversary of the Sun Ra record album, "Space Is The Place". It's so great it even inspired host Tom Wilson to name his radio show after!