MOOG-A-THON Grand Finale Thursday May 24 and Friday May 25!

The final two shows of this week's "Moog Marathon" take place on "Theme Attic," and a spectacular six hour finale on "Space Is the Place." DJ Phil Maq goes on a quirky melodic aural tour of synthesizer soundscapes on "Theme Attic," Thursday 10AM-Noon! And then DJ Tom Wilson pulls out all of the stops as he leaves no moog unturned on his super sized edition of "Space Is the Place," Friday from 6PM-Midnight! Join us for the final shows capping off a week long birthday celebration for Dr. Robert Moog and his invention, the moog synthesizer, that established him as the "Godfather of Electronic Music!" WHFR is known as the station that is making waves, but WHFR is also the only station featuring a Moog-a-thon!