MOOG-A-THON on WHFR starting Sunday May 20 and special SPACE IS THE PLACE Friday May 25

For the last few year WHFR DJ and host of the SPACE IS THE PLACE radio program on Friday nights Tom Wilson has been celebrating the life of Dr. Robert Moog on or around is birthday May 23. Dr. Moog is the creator of the Moog synthesizer and this instrument has been used several bands and musicians from the Rolling Stones, Wendy Carlos, Giorgio Moroder, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk, Stereolab, Air, Nine Inch Nails, New Order, and local group the Mystic Moog Orchestra, just to name a few. Starting on Sunday May 20, several shows will be participating in this year's Moog-A-Thon and ends with a special extended version of SPACE IS THE PLACE on Friday May 25 starting at 6pm. Below is a list of shows participating and some of the special Live musical performances featuring the Moog:

Sun. May 20th, One plus One: Indie/Experimental 9pm - Midnite
Tue. May 22nd, Left of the Dial: Indie Rock 10am - Noon
Tue. May 22, Spirits Rejoice: Avant Jazz 6pm - 10pm ( Live Performance; Arthur Crow) @ 8pm
Wed. May 23rd, Noise Pollution: Indie Rock 8pm - 10pm (Live Performance; Have Space Suit Will Travel)
Thurs. May 24th, Theme Attic: Variety 10am - Noon
Fri. May 25th, Space is the Place: Avant/Experiemental 6pm - Midnite.