Monday FORUM, 5-7-12, 6-7 PM: Skepticality--"Unnatural Evolution Is A Funny Thing"

In this week's installment of Skepticality, the official podcast of Michael Schermer's The Skeptic Society, host Derek talks to Ian Harris, a science-based comedian who is part of a troupe of comedians who all center their work on topics that science loving folks will really enjoy; the tour is called "The Evolution of Comedy Tour." Ian and Derek discuss how comedy seems to be a great fit for skeptical and scientific issues. Then Derek checks in with Bob Carroll to discuss his new e-book, "Unnatural Acts" which he produced as part his ongoing efforts over at [NOT a typo: it's SKEPtic's DICtionary]. Also available for listening from this website anytime after broadcast; click on Talk Shows--Monday Forum--(select date).