WHFR Monday FORUM debuts, 7-11-11, 6-7 PM

Beginning this Monday, from 6-7 PM, "WHFR Monday Forum" will offer a wide range of talk programming, exclusive to the Detroit area, some of which will be locally produced. The first show will feature the current episode of two different weekly shows produced by The Sierra Club--ecology news--and The Planetary Society--astronomy and space news, but these may change as our Station Advisor, Jay Korinek, finds other equally well-produced and entertaining shows. Your comments and suggestions are always encouraged and welcomed: whfr@hfcc.edu.
"WHFR Monday Forum" is the fourth hour each week of talk programming, joining "Big Picture Science" (Tuesdays, Noon-1), "WHFR Tuesday FORUM" (Tuesdays, 1-2 PM), and our long-running local news and public affairs show, "The New WHFR Journal" (Fridays, 1-2 PM).