Billy Bang Tribute TONIGHT at 6pm on WHFR

Billy Bang was a violinist and intense spirit who touched many of our lives. Although we lost Billy last Monday, we still have the vast memories and recordings of his music to keep that spirit alive.

Hopefully some of us (thanks to Peter Cox in NY) had a chance to hear WKCR in NY broadcast an incredible tribute and memorial to Billy last week. With their incredible resources they truly do justice to the lives of our beloved artists.

Today, April 19, from 6-10pm EDT, I will do my own small tribute to Billy Bang on WHFR Radio here in the Detroit area. My way of saying thank you Billy and perhaps turning someone on to a
recording that they have not heard. If you'd like to listen, you can reach us in the area at 89.3 fm or here via our live Internet stream.

Pat Frisco
WHFR Jazz Music Director