"Theme Attic" featuring Spring & April Fool's Day, Thursday 10-Noon, March 31st

This week's Theme Attic show will feature its first songs of Spring while focusing on April Fool's Day themes of fools and silly (strange?) songs. "The Fish Is in the Freezer" and a "Ship of Fools" is waiting to dock. In addition, there will be a birthday party for Johann Sebastian Bach. And you know that Peter Schickele will have to crash the party with P.D.Q. Bach for at least one song! So, everything from classical to kiddie songs-from Bach to Alvin & The Chipmunks will be covered on Theme Attic this week. There will also be another artist selected as a new member of the Theme Attic Hall of Fame-one who has recorded many silly songs over the years. It's the kind of musical mayhem that DJ Phil Maq organizes every week. Tune in on Thursday morning, March 31st at 10:00 AM to see how he does it.