"Nervous but Excited" LIVE on "Acoustic Alternatives", Sunday 10am-1pm, January 30

Michigan-based, Pleasantly Aggressive Folk Duo Nervous but Excited (Kate Peterson & Sarah Cleaver) is two songwriters, two singers, three guitars, a mandolin, a violin, a ukulele, a few harmonicas, dead-on harmony, some vaguely choreographed dancing, an impressive amount of laughter and a glockinspiel. Their original repertoire ranges in topic from smart, introspective narratives to the tactfully political… interspersed with songs of love and loss that will undoubtedly tug on your heart.

Road warriors to the core, their endless passion has landed them on stages with folks like Ani Difranco, Iron and Wine, Utah Phillips, Ben Gibbard, Catie Curtis and Cheryl Wheeler to name a few. Their live show will bounce you through a variety of emotions always keeping you guessing which is coming next. You might cry, you’ll definitely laugh, and they hope you’ll leave feeling that your heart has grown just a little bigger than it was before you arrived.

When Kate and Sarah take the stage (or living room), you won't be able to deny the power of their laughter, combined with their genuinely emotive lyrics and arrangments. They are not afraid to sing loud and sing hard. The sensitive tug of their voices will pull you through worlds of progressive politics, and their harmonies have been described as the kind that build so smoothly until suddenly they start to shake your insides.

The duo continues to navigate the endless road of music touring and are impressive in their search to find where their music lives within all of us. These are not two musicians that are just looking for audiences to play to. They are looking for audiences to sing to. To laugh with. To appreciate. To breathe in and to take home. Their humor has welcomed us all, their melody has held us, and their movement has energized us.