Spirit Artist -Kim Bailey- featured on "Metaphysically Speaking" 1-2pm Tuesday, December 21st

Mike's next guest on "Metaphysically Speaking" is Spirit Artist, Kim Bailey. Kim is a visually and spiritually gifted artist who paints the essence of the energy that she senses around a persons body and soul. Through a meditation process, she connects with her spirit guides and they lead her to draw an abstract image that represents your spirit. Kim will intuitively draw and design something she "feels", using a variety of colors, which helps to convey messages that she receives about someone. Through a written interpretation, Kim will explain the various colors and shapes of the drawing and what they represent for a person. You'll have to really listen to the show to hear Kim explain the entire fascinating procedure she uses in creating Spirit Art and how it benefits a person.

Kim has a B.A. in Art Therapy / Art Education from Ohio State
University. She is also a certified Reiki Master. After living many
years in Michigan, Kim recently moved to California and resides near Palo Alto with her husband and three children.