Meet Three Women Who Are Making A Difference -- 2pm Saturday, March 27 on "No Boys A-Loud"

"One minute you're a family, the next your parent is taken away without any idea where they are." Shaun Nethercott, Matrix Theatre Co. Executive Director, describes how the current production "Vanished" explores immigration and the struggle to achieve the American Dream.

On March 18, 2010 the "Katie Viger Bill" was signed into law by Governor Granholm. The “Katie Viger Law" allows the Department of Community Health to issue an honorary license to an individual, living or deceased, who has met the requirements to become a licensed nurse, but is unable to take the licensing examination due to advanced illness. Cathy Wakefield, HFCC Nursing Instructor, was the force behind this law.

"Race for the Cure" is comprised of many events coordinated by many people and groups. Nina Driver decided she could make a difference and organized a "Battle of the Bands" competition for the cause. She'll describe the project, tell you how to get involved, and entertain with her voice and guitar.

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