The "Ruggs" rip it up on "Motor Live Drive" this Thursday, Feb.11th

The garage/tropical disco band "Ruggs" will be joining the Motor Team this Thursday at 5pm for a rock'n good time. This band, formerly known as "Oatmeal", have a loyal following in the community and our team is excited to be hosting another fine example of the talent in Detroit. Keep in mind if your unable to tune in for the live performance on Thursday, you can listen at your leisure to the podcast by clicking on the "Motor Live Drive" button on this site. For more information on the almost 100 live performances (and links to their shows on WHFR), go to and click on the blog. Next week on "Motor", the "Woodman Clan" will play live and on Feb. 25th the "Jehovah's Witness Protection Program" will perform. Tune in!