New Shows on WHFR... give a listen!

We're “making waves” with new shows and time slots:

“Delicate Destruction” (moving from 9pm Mondays): noon-2pm
”The Zone” (moving from 8pm Saturdays): 9pm-midnight
”The Flash Drive Jazz Show” (new show w/host Mark Anthony): midnight-2am

“Forum” Talk Show updates: Connect with HFCC activities when you tune in to Dennis and Lynsey's new "Campus Connection" the second Tuesday of each month; relax and learn with "The Poetry Show", hosted by Saf, the fourth Tuesday; "Then and Now" with Ned Apigian moves to the fifth Tuesday.

”Harmony of the Spheres” (moving from 12pm Mondays) 6pm-8pm
“Old-Time Radio Mysteries” (moving from 11pm Mondays) 8pm-9pm

Welcome Lynsey with "Playing In The Waves" and Jessica with "Just A Little Indie" as they alternate Saturdays at 6pm; The "Jump Button" moves from Thursday to Saturdays at 8pm with hosts Robb w/2 Bs, Kristin, and John Tony.

Scottie Robinson joins in with Andy Parks for “Strictly Gospel” at 3pm

I'm Lynn, WHFR Program Director. Feel free to call me at 313-317-6542.