Last Five Songs Played

  • Classical via WHFR by Classical via WHFR off of Classical via WHFR from N/A
  • Sand Ocean Sunset by bLiNd off of F-zero Megamix from Self Release
  • Return To Camp Blood by Mitch Murder off of Single from Self Release
  • Powerglove (It's So Bad) by Dj CUTMAN ft. Benjamin Briggs off of Single from Self Release
  • Khaleesi by City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra off of Music of Game of Thrones from Silva Classics


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Rick Phillips is known as “The Anomaly Man". He is an author, lecturer, paranormal experiencer and hosts his own blog site with the paranormal theme. He has been interviewed on numerous radio and web shows sharing his investigations as well as his own personal experiences with the paranormal to include his own close encounter UFO sighting in 1991.