Three Jazz Geniuses -- John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra -- On Special 6-Hour Edition of "Spirits Rejoice/Play It By Ear" -- 6pm, Tuesday June 29

The mid 50's anticipated many changes in the world of jazz. With musicians seeking to expand the boundaries of the music, influences from the avant-garde arts being incorporated, and social/political changes on the horizon, the world of jazz was ready for an explosion.

Interview with Dearborn Heights Mayor Dan Paletko: 6-29 Tues. 1-2 PM

Our new Forum show: "Dearborn Heights News & Views" debuts with an hour-long interview with Dearborn Heights Mayor Dan Paletko.

Host Ned Apigian will be featuring Dearborn Heights issues and interesting people on a regular basis on the FIFTH TUESDAY of the appropriate months (next show: Sept. 29).

Every Forum show, including the new "Dearborn Heights News & Views," is archived on our WHFR website; click on the FORUM button and choose the original date of broadcast. Five different locally-produced talk shows are now in rotation!

"Tower of Power" Lead Singer Larry Braggs Featured On "Saturday Spontaneity" -- 2pm, Saturday June 26

Since 1968, "Tower of Power" has created its own kind of soul music. Touring the world each year, "TOP" delivers its unique music to sold-out crowds.

Hear that unique music and more this Saturday when host Amy Powers interviews "TOP" lead singer Larry Braggs. You'll hear about Braggs' musical influences (Al Green, Tom Jones, James Brown, BB King), his background, and how he became part of "Tower of Power".

Don't miss out -- Tune in 2pm!

"Fiddler on the Roof" Featured On "Big Band Broadway and Beyond" -- 10am, Friday June 25

What keeps the Jews of 1905 Anatevka going is the balance they achieve by following their ancient traditions. And the lot of Jews in Russia is as precarious as a fiddler on a roof: trying to eke out a pleasant tune, while not breaking their necks.

Tevye, Golde and their five daughters know and accept these truths. Or do they?

Explore these traditions through the music of "Fiddler on the Roof" 10am this Friday with host Joe.

Enjoy lots of big band hits and Kristin's live updates from the Dearborn Farmer's and Artist's Market too!

It's all here this Friday, from 10am - 1pm.

"Starfish Family Services" Featured Organization On "IMPACT" -- 1pm, Tuesday June 22

Have you heard WHFR's new talk show "IMPACT"?

This unique show is a great way to learn about local non-profits making a difference in the community. Tune in 1pm the fourth Tuesday of each month when host Kristin introduces you to area non-profits and shares some good news!

Melody Anderson on "No Boys A-Loud" -- Noon, Saturday June 19

Since her first public radio performance at age five, Melody Anderson has held her audience captive. She has worked with such artists as "The Four Tops", Aretha Franklin, Paul Rodgers of "Bad Company", Ashford & Simpson and many more.

Anderson recently undertook a major recording project with some of the best jazz musicians in the region. Original songs, penned by her father, Doug, over 50 years ago, were revived and turned into the album, "Fantasy Land".

Meet Melody, and her dad, on this special Father's Day edition of "No Boys A-Loud" Saturday, noon 'til 2pm, with host Lynn.

"Grease" Featured On "Big Band Broadway and Beyond" -- 10am, Friday June 18

Tune in Friday, when host Joe brings you a favorite summer-love story with great music in "Grease."

And you'll hear lots of new and old big band hits, along with live updates from the Dearborn Farmer's and Artist's Market.

Hear it all this Friday, from 10am - 1pm!

Acupuncturists Nora Madden and Jalyn Spencer on "Metaphysically Speaking" -- 1pm Tomorrow

Join host Mike Holloway as he explores the 2000 year-old world of acupuncture with guests Nora Madden and Jalyn Spencer. The acupuncturists from "Detroit Community Acupuncture," in midtown Detroit, discuss the methods, modes, benefits and body's responses to acupuncture.

In summary, acupuncture is about balancing two opposing and inseparable forces: yin (sold, slow, passive) and yang (hot, excited, active).

Final "AA Battery" Show -- 7pm, This Sunday!

About 10 years ago, two guys named Alec became WHFR DJs. One hosted a show called "The Metallic K.O." and the other "The Dog and Pony Show."

The Alecs became friends, realized they both had an appreciation of weird music, and went to see a lot of live music together.

Alec and Alec decided to co-host an indie-music program called "AA Battery."

Tune in this Sunday at 7pm for the final "AA Battery" show when the Alecs play some of their favorite cuts from past shows.

Dem Gov Candidate to be on Journal, 6-11-10

Virg Bernero, current Mayor of Lansing, who hopes to be the MI Democratic Party's candidate for Governor in the Nov. election, will be interviewed this Friday on "The New WHFR Journal," 1-2 PM. Show will be available as a podcast from this website after the broadcast. Bernero is running against Dearborn Heights Rep. Andy Dillon for this nomination in the Democratic Primary Election on August 3.

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