If you''ve always wanted to get involved with WHFR but didn''t plan on signing up for a degree program, too (or maybe you already have a degree!), CL2 now allows you to take the class without having to apply and be admitted to the HFCC academic program, saving you some paperwork and some money. Either way, the class itself costs the same: about $60 for a Dearborn resident and about $110 for others, and the content and meeting times are the same: 8 Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:20 PM, or 8 Thursday afternoons from 2:10 to 4:00 PM. For more course information, check out the HFCC website ( or contact the instructor, Jay Korinek, at 313-845-6477, or via e-mail: For CL2 enrollment information, call 313-317-1500.

Did you ever listen to a DJ on the radio say, "Boy, I''d like to do that someday!"? That day might be right now!

You can become a member of WHFR by enrolling in Henry Ford Community College''s "Staff Training" class. It''s called: TCM (telecom) 189. The 8-week course is offered twice each semester on Wednesday evenings or Thursday afternoons.

In TCM 189, You''ll learn about station and FCC rules and procedures, equipment operation, basic performance skills, and much more. Completing the class is your first step towards being involved in WHFR regularly.

We''re always looking for creative minds to help with promotions, production, programming, and other areas within the station.

Enroll in TCM 189 today! It could be the start of a great new career in broadcasting, or like many of us, a really cool hobby and a terrific way to share our love of music.

For more information about joining the staff of WHFR, call Jay Korinek, Station Advisor at (313) 845-6477. Hope to see you soon!