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Classical 24
Thu, 10/14/2021 - 2:00pm


WHFR loves it when the nights get cooler, the leaves are on the ground, and jack-o-lanterns shine smiling at the moon! Our airwaves will get scary this weekend with special prerecorded Halloween-themed shows airing Saturday, October 30th, from 3-5pm and on Sunday, October 31st, from 4-6pm. (And the "White Rabbit" will keep the vibe going Sunday with his live Hotwax Radio Halloween Special airing from 6-9pm!)

The Dawg Hause Blues program gives you a swinging start to your week. We play new blues, Chicago blues, Detroit blues, Memphis blues and local blues. Start your week off on a swinging happy start. The Dawg Hause Blues show airs Mondays from 10 until noon.

Our guest on Monday, November 1st, is Dan Wright. Dan has an MA degree in political science and was a career state employee, and is a former Michigan State Director for MUFON. He spent 18 months selecting, editing, and organizing the 550 files that are relevant to UFO research and has produced a chronological collection of CIA documents spanning 50 years in his recently published book, “The CIA UFO Papers”. Dan will cover his “Great Questions Project”. Dan wrote to well over 100 MUFON members with an MS, PhD, JD, MD or DD to solicit essays on the UAP topic.

Lyrical Infusion wit Da Diva has grown!!
Your Saturday evening just got a lil better,
Lyrical Infusion will NOW Air live 5pm - 8pm
Starting 10/31/2021
Three full hours of great muzik -
R&B, Lyrical Jazz, Neo Soul with a bit of Funk
and a dash of World.
Let's enjoy this musical gumbo together -
remember the Lyrics are always the key.
So, make a date with Da Diva
where each and every Saturday - I bring the lyrics out to play!
Lyrical Infusion Saturdays 5-8pm
Meet you there! Diva <3

Take Two: Roll & Tumble is back on the air. They often ask, “What was the first rock and roll record made?” Some say Rocket 88 by Ike Turner and Jackie Breston from 1951. They called it R&B at the time. Whatever was first, it launched a period of time, from 1951 to the early 70's in music that may be unparalleled in terms of innovation and creativity. Sadly, much of the most creative and influential sounds from this period have been forgotten and ignored by mainstream radio.

Hello Loyal Listeners! Starting November 7th, This Is The House That Jack Swing Built will have a new time slot: 9PM until Midnight. The show will consist of Great Music, Community Events, Inspiring Thoughts and a Gospel Gem to help you transition into Monday and welcome the night shift into work... we're WHFR 89.3FM, always 'Making Waves' and I AM MISSY J

Plans this Halloween? Tune in to the Hotwax Radio special October 31st for an extended show, and let the white rabbit put a spell on ~You~! From 6:00pm -9:00pm this ghoulish audio feast will bring strange, ghastly and incredible horrors that will forever change your Halloween experience. C’mon, it’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus ….right? Haa Haa Haa Haa Haaaaaaa!

From 6:00-9:00pm on both Monday, October 18th, and Monday, October 25th, The Wrekking Hours Radio Show will showcase the 23rd Annual Wrekking Halloween Monster Rock Extravaganza Spooktacular Hootenanny!

The RNBSoul Groove is a music format radio show that will feature R&B and Classic soul music from the 70s up to the 2000s. The show is hosted by Ms. Marjon aka 'The Queen of Convo' who has a passion and deep appreciation for music. This radio show will provide independent artists a chance to be heard on the FM radio dial. The world will have a chance to hear some amazing unsung artists. There will be weekly music themes, interviews, special milestone shout outs and music requests from the listeners. The goal of this show is to provide some grooving music for our listeners’ pleasure.

The best radio shows are filled with musical surprises. They take you on twists and turns that you never expected. You get a chance to hear new music you weren’t familiar with, along with classics that you hadn’t thought about in years. That’s what you get each week on Light from the Underground.