"WHFR Journal" TODAY at 1pm

Join us today at 1pm for the WHFR Journal. Our Guest Sue Katz, Community Outreach Coordinator Certified Credit Counselor & Educator at American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc. will discuss financial literacy for students and ways to manage credit. These topics will be presented at two virtual seminars in later October and early November at HFC called "Money Lessons for Every College Student", presented by the Office of Student Activities, and are open to all students at HFC. Go to studentactivities@hfcc.edu to register and to hfcc.edu for more information.

Also, hear the PRX Special: With Good Reason: Many American students left for Spring Break in March 2020, and will be returning to in-person school for the first time this Fall. It sounds nice in theory -- some time away from the classroom. But schooling never stopped, and it was difficult. Bethany Teachman says that some students got hooked on social media apps like Tik Tok to cope. And: These days we recognize that teachers are superheroes. But that celebration may be too little, too late. With low pay and high stakes testing, Brad Bizzell says teachers are under burnt out.

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