“Theme Attic” Expands to Three Hours!!! by Phil Maq

In addition to the other shows returning to the WHFR airwaves, a station staple is expanding to a third hour. “Theme Attic,” with DJ Host Phil Maq—now in its eleventh year, will continue to supply its offbeat mixture of eccentric and eclectic Rock, Blues, Folk, Jazz, and too many other genres to mention! They all get wrapped around a musical subject on Wednesdays from 1PM-4PM ET! The songs will lean heavily on new and/or independent artists, and many will be local! Some selectively aged “nuggets” will also make an occasional appearance! Plus, there will most often be some kind of countdown! Tune in for a weekly “Theme Attic” musical sojourn on Wednesdays from 1PM-4PM ET to explore music and styles in a fun and inventive way!