Happy Halloween!!!!!

Hope everyone's day is filled with some spookiness!

Of course our DJs have some exciting things cooked up, first thing we have going on is our annual Trick or Treat Grab Bag! Only today can you give us a call (or email) and say, "trick or treat!" and we will send you a little goodie bag. That's all! Just give us a call!

Next we have an incredibly spooky talk show special. Tune in at 2pm and listen with your host DJ Funmonkey as he interviews guest Marc and Ed of Haunt Investigators of Michigan. They discuss they're beginnings as a group, the cases they've been on, and the cases they want to do for the future. Explore some of the secrets of the Whitney of Detroit, historic Hort Wayne and the looming Eloise hospital.

Then on Live From Studio J, we welcome Iejir! The liquid metal band lead by vampire front man, Quin Iejir, going live at 5pm.

Tune in to WHFR for all your Halloween spookiness! Don't forget your grab bag!