6-26-18, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum – IMPACT!

Recap of Women Creating a Caring Community Conference of 2017 The 2017 conference theme was “The world needs changing and if anyone is going to do it, it will be women.”

In 2015, Huff Post quoted Philosopher, author and lifelong activist Grace Lee Boggs who said “. . . that effort is . . .to encouraged the women to re-imagine education, work and the things they do to care for each other and their families.”

“We need to learn to struggle among ourselves and not just to an external enemy,” said Boggs. “We need to understand that what women do matters, but that we must start with ourselves [to make a difference in the world. . . Building communities of compassion is difficult in a society that values individualism, said Boggs, because it sees others as adversaries and competitors.”