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We Are Not Alone March 7, 2022: David Twichell

Guest: "David Twichell":
David Twichell is the guest this time and Tony Sivalelli is the guest host. Twichell discusses his own personal close encounter UFO sighting as well as the many other paranormal encounters he has experienced in his life that led him to developing We Are Not Alone for WHFR radio.
Aired: March 7, 2022

We Are Not Alone February 7, 2022: Tony Sivalelli

Guest: "Tony Sivalelli":
Tony Sivalelli has looked into the possibility of what he refers to as "Not-of-this-Earth- Intelligences" for over 25 years. He has authored a book titled "Ambassadors to the Stars" which explores this theme from a variety of angles.Tony also teaches what is called Basic Scientific Remote Viewing.
Aired: February 7, 2022

We Are Not Alone January 3, 2022: Terry Tibando

Guest: "Terry Tibando":
Terry Tibando is a long-time researcher, ET experiencer, and author whose knowledge on this phenomenon spans 68 years. Terry has written a six volume encyclopedic textbook series entitled "A Citizen's Disclosure on UFOs and ETI" that covers every aspect of the UFO and ETI subject revealing more about humanity's response to visiting ETI and their global presence.
Aired: January 3, 2022

We Are Not Alone December 6, 2021: Rev. Michael J.S. Carter

Guest: "Rev. Michael J.S. Carter":
Rev. Michael J.S. Carter is an ordained Interfaith Minister, author, and alien contactee. We discuss his personal experiences and how he was able to assimilate his ET experiences with his religious faith.
Aired: December 6, 2021

We Are Not Alone November 1, 2021: Dan Wright

Guest: "Dan Wright":
Dan Wright has an MA degree in political science and was a career state employee. Dan is a former Michigan State Director for MUFON and will discuss his "Great Questions Project." Dan wrote to well over 100 MUFON members with an MS, PhD, JD, MD, or DD to solicit essays on the topic of UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena).
Aired: November 1, 2021

We Are Not Alone October 4, 2021: Bill Konkolesky

Guest: "Bill Konkolesky":
Bill Konkolesky has been the State Director of the Michigan Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network since 2004. After a lifetime of his own UFO and abduction encounters, Bill has spent the last three decades actively investigating these otherworldly phenomena, trying to make some sense of the bizarre events that have happened to him personally. Bill shares some "high strangeness" cases he has recounted in his latest book "Experiencer 2: Two Worlds Collide."
Aired: October 4, 2021

We Are Not Alone September 6, 2021: Joseph Foster

Guest: "Joseph Foster":
Quartermaster Joseph Foster was on deck of a Coast Guard cutter in 1968 when he saw three objects careening at 3,500 miles per hour over his Coast Guard cutter. Just ten minutes later, he learned of the sinking of a Soviet submarine, carrying three armed
nuclear ballistic missiles amd torpedoes, lost with all hands. Foster witnessed at least 4 major UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) events, beginning as early as childhood.
Aired: September 6, 2021

We Are Not Alone August 2, 2021: Tom Warner

Guest: "Tom Warner":
Tom Warner was abducted and taken aboard a UAP in 1969 (and later as well) in the presence of multiple witnesses. The events are chronicled in his autobiography "Beyond the Stars" and in the Netflix series Unsolved Mysteries, "Berkshire UFO".
Aired: August 2, 2021

We Are Not Alone July 5, 2021: Stephen Bassett

Guest: "Stephen Bassett":
Stephen is the only registered Washington, D.C. lobbyist for the disclosure of the UFO/UAP phenomenon. Stephen discusses the US government's reluctance to share their knowledge of alien visitation with the public. He also discusses the recent admission by the Pentagon of the UAP reality and the potential effect it might have on citizens worldwide.
Aired: July 5, 2021

We Are Not Alone June 7, 2021: Cheryl Lynn Carter

Guest: "Cheryl Lynn Carter":
Cheryl is a freelance journalist, author, psychic medium, remote viewer and UFO experiencer. She has worked closely with law enforcement agencies in the past to help locate missing persons and murder suspects. Cheryl describes her past encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials.

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