Latest Arrivals to Our Music Library

Hello Loyal Listeners,

WHFR continues to broadcast our Classical satellite feed while HFC does everything possible to maintain the safety of students, faculty and staff on campus, which means our DJs can’t quite yet get into the station. However, we are still receiving plenty of music from great independent artists. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect to hear when the DJs get back behind the board!:

Infinite Coles - Destiny - Stepping out into his own spotlight, NYC-based singer, actor, model, dancer and artist Infinite Coles releases his debut EP Destiny. A powerful first offering from the singer-songwriter, Destiny has a dual meaning for Infinite, who named the EP after his late twin sister. The project is centered around Infinite’s reclamation of his individual destiny and the manifestation of his late sister’s soul that lives within him and has inspired the unique artist we see emerge today.

Laurie Larson - Story Road - Multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Laurie Larson is releasing her fourth studio album, Story Road.Laurie plays bass, violin, guitar, keys & sings her way through each chapter of Story Road.

Pick A Piper - Sea Steps - Sea Steps closes out with neo-classical beat-driven “Athens”, an elegantly layered composition that hosts the collaborative musicianship of Laura Bates on Violin and Steve Ward on Trombone.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward “Making Waves” in person as soon as possible!