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M[S]T Box Set

Mitten [State] Transmissions CD Box Set is a collection of Experimental, Noise, Electronic, Space Rock from Michigan benefiting Dearborn/Detroit's 89.3 WHFR.FM.

"Uncut Detroit III: Live Studio Blues"
This latest CD features 14 tracks from 7 local Detroit blues artists. Some of the artists featured on the CD are The Bugs Beddow Band, Thornetta Davis, Kenny Parker Band, Eileen Orr, Harmonica Shah, and others. Each song was recorded in one take at Roscoe''s Recording in Detroit. This recording technique provides a sound similar to a live public performance while also allowing the artists to explore unique studio musical arrangements. Check out the lo-fi audio samples below.

Harmonica Shah and Howard Glazer - Early Morning Blues
 mp3 player (24Kbps MP3 audio)

Thornetta Davis and Brett Lucas - Sister Friend Indeed
 mp3 player (24Kbps MP3 audio)

"Uncut Detroit II"
This album was recorded live at Henry Ford Community College. It features 6 Bands and has 2 songs from each artist on the CD. This album is a great addition to any blues music collection. Lo-Fi audio samples below.

Cadillac Boogie
 mp3 player (24Kbps MP3 audio)

Remember Me
 mp3 player (24Kbps MP3 audio)

"Uncut Detroit: Live Blues in the Night"
This was the first CD released as part of WHFR''s local music project. It was recorded live at Henry Ford Community College on May 22, 1997 and it features 10 local Detroit blues groups. Check out the lo-fi audio samples below.

Johnnie Bassett and the Blues Insurgents - If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot
 mp3 player (24Kbps MP3 audio)

Johnny Yard Dog Jones - Who''s Gonna Be Your Sweet Man When I''m Gone?
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