Back in 1962, WHFR began as a student radio club at (then) Henry Ford Community College, with only a double-closet-sized room for operating a public address system providing a variety of music and campus announcements to the large dining room of the Student Center. However, the club''s mission since its start was to start a real over-the-air broadcast station, serving the unique music and information needs of the community, as well as the students of the College.

By 1978, the HFCC administration, recognizing the spirit and seeing the dedication, applied for an FM broadcast license from the Federal Communications Commission. The license was granted in 1979, but the preparations necessary to broadcast--construction, equipment, staffing, and budget--took until 1985 to get worked out, when the station went on the air.

Beginning with only six hours a day on six days a week, with all shows prerecorded, WHFR grew steadily as it proved itself and attracted more volunteers, first going "live" in 1987 (for three hours a week!). In 1988, with a schedule of 12 hours a day, the WHFR staff was stretched too thin to continue its PA operation, and moved all of its equipment and music library out of the Student Center into the new HFCC Fine Arts Center. Since 1997, we have achieved a 24/7 broadcasting schedule, plus internet streaming, with the help of over 50 student and alumni volunteers.

In 2002, with the completion of the renovation of Student Center, WHFR-FM 89.3 made its homecoming.