Title Genre DJs Time range
Noise Pollution Indie / Rock Sunday 1-3pm
Old Time Radio Mysteries Mystery Radio Drama Thursday 6-7pm
One Plus One Indie / Experimental Sunday 9pm-Monday 12am
Philosophy Talk Learn from the philosophical masters of then and now. Thursday 3-4pm
Planet Funk Funk Wednesday 8-10pm
Play It By Ear Jazz terrence.tyson Sunday 10am-1pm
Prime-Time Theme Attic various music genres which complement a weekly theme Monday 8-10pm
Rollin' &Tumblin' Rock, Rhythm, and Blues from the mid 50's to the mid 70's Tuesday 4-6pm
Science Talk Talk Tuesday 12-1pm
Skrockin' Yer Butow Free Form / Experimental Soundscapes Sunday 7-9pm
Songwriter's Symposium Exploring modern singers and the songs they craft. Sunday 5-7pm
Sounds From the Corridor Avant Jazz / Noise scott.boatright Thursday 12-2pm
Space Is The Place Avant Garde / Experimental Friday 6-8pm
Spirits Rejoice Avant Jazz Tuesday 6-10pm
Square One History of the song -- from classical to today's local music Wednesday 2-4pm
Strictly Gospel Gospel andre.archer Sunday 3-5pm
Ted Talk Radio Talk radio about various subjects Thursday 2-3pm
The Go with the Flow, Mike Holloway Show Rockin' Blues Friday 4-6pm
The Jump Button Video Games / Animation / Soundtrack Music Thursday 7-9pm
The Malt Shop 50's and 60's Rock Tuesday 2-4pm
The Mix House / Techno / Trance / Guest DJs Thursday 9pm-Friday 12am
The New WHFR Journal news/talk jkori Friday 1-2pm
The Synth Warehouse Electronic / Dance Tuesday 10pm-Wednesday 12am
The World Through Music Music from around the World Monday 12-2pm
The Wrekking Hours Rockabilly Gothabillie Man Monday 6-8pm
The Zone (1st weekend) -- The Rhythmic Ride (other weekends) hip hop Saturday 10pm-Sunday 12am
Theme Attic Eclectic phil.maciolek Wednesday 10am-12pm
This is the House That Jack Swing Built Jack Swing Saturday 6-8pm
WHFR Forum Talk Tuesday 1-2pm