Last Five Songs Played

  • Another Lifetime by Eliza Neals featuring Howard Glazer off of 10,000 Feet Below from E-N Records
  • Hungry Heart by Mark Lavengood off of We've Come Along from Earthwork Music
  • Oh Thornetta by Dave Boutette off of Blue Plate Special from Independent
  • Set Me Free by Thornetta Davis off of Honest Woman from SWEET MAMA MUSIC
  • Water From a Stone by Peter Case off of Hwy 62 from Omnivore

MICHELLE BOGUSKI-certified myomassologist-featured guest on "Metaphysically Speaking" 1-2pm, Tuesday, February 15th

Please join host Mike Holloway on "Metaphysically Speaking" during this weeks Forum - 1-2pm - Tuesday, Feb. 15th as he interviews certified myomassologist Michelle Boguski. Boguski has been in the business for over 19 years and is also an injury specialist and energy therapist.