Last Five Songs Played

  • Track 3 by Massimo Croce off of The Show Must Go Home - Season 2 from Gatti Rossi Che Cadono, Ozky E-Sound, Spettro, Dischi Gatto Alieno, Misty Circle
  • Side B by Doc Wör Mirran off of Overtly Groin from Empty Records
  • Urban Somnambulistics by Kadaitcha off of Urban Somnambulistics from
  • B.K. Scum part 2 by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge off of B.K. SCUM – A Mix By Start Eyes & Dust La Rock from
  • Wild Rose of the Mountain by Si Kahn off of Aragon Mills from

Jo Ann Korczynski (1933-2016)

Jo Ann Korczynski, age 82, of Dearborn, Michigan, passed away January 6, 2016. Jo Ann was born November 3, 1933, in Detroit, the daughter of George and Jo (Cessna) Selke. A graduate of Cass Tech, she worked in Hudson’s display department. In 1958, she married Edward M. Korczynski (1932-1996) with whom she shared the joy of music appreciation. She was a professional story-teller. From 1995 through 2015, Jo Ann Korczynska was the DJ of the “Highway 61” blues show on WHFR radio, produced three “Uncut Detroit” compilation CDs, and was awarded a Detroit Blues Society lifetime achievement award. She is survived by her children Edward (Beth) and Robert (Melania), and by 2 grandchildren. What a wonderful life! There will be no funeral; a remembrance party will happen later this year. In lieu of sending flowers, plant “flowers” in your own life. She leaves you with a message of peace and love.